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JetPress 720

RICOH Pro 907

The Jet Press 720 is set to open up new opportunities in the market for short- run, general purpose commercial print. With a B2 format size and a production speed of up to 1.3 seconds per B2 sheet, this revolutionary new machine is faster and more flexible than any other digital sheet-fed press on the market.

Perfect for short-run print
The ‘sweet-spot’ for the Jet Press 720 is short-run jobs where the run lengths are too long for pay-per-click SRA3 digital presses to be economical but where traditional offset presses struggle because of the longer pre-press, make- ready and drying times. This ‘sweet- spot’ is typically from run lengths
of around a few hundred to a few thousand. This is where a significant number of jobs are currently being printed, and where the volume growth is likely to take place in the future.

A new flexible format size
The format size of the Jet Press 720 will also create new opportunities for digital print, with applications such as gate-fold brochures, folders, and more unusual page sizes all being possible down to run lengths of one, all finished with existing B2 finishing equipment.

Flexibility to fit into existing pressrooms
The Jet Press 720 has been designed to make digital print production much more flexible. Firstly, as the machine is B2 format, it fits into existing sheet-fed pressrooms without the need for any alterations in terms of paper handling and finishing.
Secondly, most standard B2 offset paper can be used, removing the requirement to use specialised (and expensive) digital paper.
Finally, once imaged the B2 sheet can be treated like an offset sheet, dropping into existing finishing equipment with many special finishes possible. As a result, digital print can be treated like offset print more than ever before.


Printing-head FUJIFILM Dimatix SAMBATM print bars (x4)

Resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 4 level greyscale

Productivity Up to 1.3 seconds per B2 sheet

Workflow XMF V4.1 or later or a third party workflow with XMF Processor


Sheet size 542 x 382 mm to 750 x 530 mm Note: Supports 4 fixed sizes only (eg. 640 x 450, 700 x 500, 720 x 520, 650 x 480)

Printable area Non printable area is:
13 mm from gripper edge side
2 mm from tail edge side
2 mm from side edges

Thickness 0.105 mm – 0.34 mm (thickness), 127 g – 300 g
Note: If the substrate is over 260 g and / or 0.2 mm support long grain only. Support mode depends on the stiffness of the substrate

Type Coated paper (matt or silk) and specified uncoated

Inks, Primer and Wash

Inks, Primer, Wash Jet Press CMYK inks
Rapid Coagulation Primer (RCP)
Nozzle cleaning wash

Shelf life 2 years under recommended warehouse conditions

Packaging Inks, RCP and Wash in 10 litre packs


Dimensions 7,181 mm (width), 3,692 mm (depth), 2,045 mm (height*)
* The height when cover open is 2,293 mm

Space Requirements 9,000 mm x 5,100 mm including transformer and workflow RIP

Required weight bearing load More than 2 tonnes/square meter

Power requirements Jet Press 720: 3-phase 400 VAC 55KW (transformer is part of machine package)

Operating environment 20 – 30°C, 40 – 60% RH

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