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RICOH Pro 907

FFEI Caslon, the complete digital label production solution

Unwind Module: The CASLON unwind module provides assisted lifting of the reel (350kg max) and handles extremely broad range of materials. Automatic web guide and active in feed provides stable and accurate web tension for highest quality printing. 420 mm web width and 1016 mm (40”) reel diameter.

Spot colour module: CASLON includes option for an independent spot colour unit. This unit provides a high opacity digital white ink and integrated UV curing.

CASLON CMYK Print System: CASLON is an inkjet print system designed by FFEI. It is based on the Xaar 1001 greyscale printhead technology consisting of 4 printbars, one for each of the wide gamut C,M,Y,K colours, each with 5 (330mm print width) or 6 (410mm print width) printheads.
The CASLON system delivers finished product at a rate of 25m per minute (linear). Faster speeds are available up to 50m per minute for less demanding applications, providing market leading productivity of up to 1247 m2 per hour.
CASLON’s calibration system uses FFEI’s own ICC device link technologies in conjunction with optimised screening. Optimised screening provides independent control over each of the 1000 active nozzles within the Xaar print head. Creating a new screenset specifically tuned for each substrate provides extremely even and consistent printing.

Rewind module: Heavy duty rewind module offering sturdy, simple to use robust solution with assisted lifting. Supports reels up to 350kg (Max) with diameter of 1016 mm (40”). The unwind includes taper tension control which ensures uniform rewound web tension in all materials.

RealPro Labeller: Every CASLON is supplied with RealPro Labeller which can run as a headless PDF Rip with your existing prepress solution or can be scaled to provide a prepress labelling solution for your entire press floor. See RealPro Labeller brochure for details.

CASLON Touch screen HMI: CASLON is equipped with a 17” colour touch monitor HMI for operator control of rendered jobs. This enables the operator to reprint jobs on demand independently of prepress. Behind the HMI is a powerful print server capable of supporting Banner printing and VDP datastreams with ability to swap common and variant data on the fly.

FFEI arquus UV ink: CASLON jets arquus UV curable ink formulated by FFEI specifically for inkjet label applications.
The ink is partially cured between each colour, a process referred to as ‘pinning’. UV pinning enhances the management of drop size and this minimises the effect of ink droplets merging into larger droplets. A press which offers pinning provides the highest possible image quality and the sharpest colour rendering.

Industrial strength Web transport: The CASLON system is built on the industry proven and market leading Nilpeter FA line web transport. This provides the reliability, scalability and operation that many flexo printers have built their business on.

Web clean module: All CASLON systems require Corona pre-treatment as well as web cleaning.
CASLON will print on a variety of supported as well as unsupported standard substrates (paper and film).
Typically no pre-treatment or pre-coating is necessary as Corona is always in-line. CASLON will register towards any in-line printing or converting process.

Print Heads

FA3 CMYK 330mm 20 Xaar 1001

FA4 CMYK 420mm 24 Xaar 1001

FA3 WCMYK 330mm 25 Xaar 1001

FA4 WCMYK 420 mm 30 Xaar 1001

Print resolutions

360×360 dpi/8 grey levels 25 m/min

180×360 dpi/8 grey levels 50 m/min

360×360 dpi/6 grey levels 33 m/min


Unwinder 1357 mm

Corona and web treatment 715

White ink unit 706 mm

CMYK unit length 1417 mm

Rewinder 1358 mm

Length (CMYK) 4847 mm

Length (White + CMYK) 5553 mm

Width (Max) 2318 mm

Height Max (door open) 2750 mm


Weight of machine 3360 kg

Web Size

Max web width FA-3 340 mm

Max web width FA-4 420 mm

Image Size

Max image width FA-3 330 mm

FA4 180×360 dpi/8 grey levels 1247 M2 per hour

FA4 360×360 dpi/6 grey levels 812 M2 per hour

FA3 360×360 dpi/8 grey levels 495 M2 per hour

FA3 360×360 dpi/6 grey levels 653 M2 per hour

Power Supply

Frequency 50hz ± 2%

Voltage 3x400v

FA4 360×360 dpi/6 grey levels 812 M2 per hour

Max Power 65kw

If TN-S-Sytem Max leak 2 ohm on earth

Max power consumption 95A

Min short circuit current ik <1kA

Short fuse 200A or suitable overload switch

Max short circuit current ik >15kA

Max voltage variation ± 5%

Compressed Air

Air pressure 8 Bar

Air capacity 1000 l/min

Air Quantity DIN/ISO 8573-1


FFEI arquus CMYK ISO optimised UV-curable ink

FFEI arquus White High opacity white UV ink

Containers 5 Litre Easy fix

Curing System

White station LED White curing

Pinning Inter colour pinning (no Nitrogen system)

Final cure Standard Nilpeter UV-Curing

Web Treatment/Cleaning

Fully integrated Corona Unit as Standard

Web cleaning as Standard


Thickness min 25 mm

Thickness max 250 mm

Max rol dia 1000 mm

Max roll kg 350 kg

Air specifications

Room temprature max 25°C

Thermal Fluctuation max 10°C

Relative Humidity min 25%

Relative humidity max 60%

Cooling unit ambient lamp max 32°C

Cooling Unit power supply

Frequency 3x400v

Voltage 5kw

Max Power 25%

If TN-S-Sytem Max leak 2 ohm on earth

Max power consumption 9A

Min short circuit current ik <1kA

Short fuse 20A or suitable overload switch

Max short circuit current ik kA

Max voltage variation ± 5%

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