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imagePRESS C6010S

RICOH Pro 907

Canon imagePRESS C6010S
The imagePRESS C6010S teams outstanding colour production credentials with Océ PRISMAsync workflow to deliver image quality that looks and feels like offset.

Image quality that looks and feels like offset printing
Océ PRISMAsync operation management
Precision printing with consistent results
Versatile media options up to 325 gsm
Speeds up to 61 ipm, depending on media
Professional finishing


Type Console
Resolution 1200dpi x 1200dpi
256 gradations
Productivity Weight (g/m²) / Simplex (ppm)
60 to 135 g/m²: 61.7
136 to 220 g/m² : 53.6
221 to 325 g/m²: 41.2
60 to 135 g/m²: 33.0
136 to 150 g/m²: 30.8
151 to 220 g/m² : 26.8
221 to 256 g/m²: 23.0
256 to 325 g/m²: 20.6
60 to 135 g/m²: 31.0
136 to 150 g/m²: 28.8
151 to 220 g/m² : 25.0
221 to 256 g/m²: 21.5
256 to 325 g/m²: 19.2
60 to 135 g/m²: 28.8
136 to 150 g/m²: 26.8
151 to 220 g/m² : 23.3
221 to 256 g/m²: 20.1
256 to 325 g/m²: 17.9
Recommended monthly volume 30,000 to 150,000 pages (A4)
Maximum monthly volume 700,000 pages (A4)
Registration tolerance +/- 0.5mm
Paper Sizes A5R*, A4, A4R, A3, SRA3 (320x450mm), 13″x19″(330.2×482.6mm)
Free size 182x182mm to 330.2×487.7mm
*Stack bypass(Optional) is required.
Paper weight 60 to 325g/m2
Paper capacity Standard deck: 1,000 sheets x2 drawer (80g/m2)
Total paper feeding capacity: 10,000 sheets max
Total paper finishing capacity: 17,000 sheets max
Memory 1.5GB
Hard Disk Drive 80GB x 2
Display 15inch LCD Touch Panel UI
Interface Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T)
Power Supply 380-415V (3-phase 5-wires), 32A
Power Consumption 6.18KW max.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2586×1152×1330mm(Printer Only)
2586×1152×1750mm (including Oce Operator Attention Light)
Weight 1,200kg


Name PRISMAsync controller
Description Integrated high-performance Océ PRISMAsync color controller for imagePRESS C7010VPS series
Features Scheduler at operating panel: 8 hours plan-ahead functionality for multiple jobs simultaneously;
Waiting jobs/Scheduled jobs queues, Printed jobs archive;
One queue and job management for printing and copying;
Streaming (spool-while-RIP-while-print-while-clean-up): unlimited job length at constant print speed via cleaning-up while printing;
Multiple standard and customizable workflow profiles;
Media-based operation with PRISMA media catalog;
Web-based controller Settings Editor;
Professional high-speed color management with Adobe ACE color management module and dedicated GPU, calibration per media family and halftone, spot color editing including CMYK value definition for spot color tints, unlimited color pre-set definition for easy, and time-saving re-use;
workflow automation via LPR queues and PDF/PS hot folders.
Server type External
Operating system Windows XPe® SP3
Processor Intel QuadCore i7
GPU nVidea GeForce GTS450
Memory 4 GB
Hard disk 3 x 3.5″ SATA II, 250 GB, 7200 RPM
Interface Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T), TCP/IP (LPR /LPD, 9100 Socket, SMB), Static IP / Auto-IP (DHCP)
Page Description Language Adobe PostScript 3 (3019); PDF 1.7, Extension Level 3 (for Acrobat 9); PDF-X; Optimized PS; Optimized PDF
Protocols SNMP v1/v2c/v3, Host resources MIB, System group MIB II, Printer MIB, Job Monitor MIB
Fonts 136 Type1 fonts for roman languages
User import of PS fonts via Settings Editor
Spot color libraries HKS K, HKS K 3000+, HKS N, HKS N 3000+
Pantone® Goe un/coated, Pantone®+ solid un/coated
Printer drivers Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6 (32 bit), PPD
Functions: Media selection, Layout selection, Page programming including tab shift and tab captions, Selection of (sub) sets, Mixed duplex /simplex printing of (sub) sets, Margin shift, image quality and color settings, color pre-sets, template definition, water marks
Security E-shredding, HTTPS, LDAP, SNMP v3;
Password protection per user role (key operator, system administrator, service technician)
Accessories Options:
Remote Viewer license
Scanning license
E-shredding license
X-Rite i1 Basic for calibration;
X-Rite i1 Process Control (software, i1 spectrophotometer non-UV)
X-Rite i1 Process Control Production (software, i1 spectrophotometer non-UV, i1 IO scanning table)


Optional/Standard Scanning license
Description Optional license enabling scan/copy functionality
Scan Speed Simplex: 20 ipm Duplex: 15 ipm
Scan Resolution 150 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi
Destinations Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-Queue, Scan-to-Waiting Jobs, Scan-to-PRISMAaccess
File Format (Single-/Multi-page) TIFF, JPEG, PDF
FCOT 33 seconds (from glass plate)


Colour Image Reader Name: Color Image Reader-H1
Paper size A5, A5R, A4, A4R, A3
Resolution for Reading 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Dimensions (WxDxH) 732 x 595 x 105mm
Weight 17.5kg
Colour Image Reader Name: DADF-R1
Paper size A5, A4, A4R, A3, Free sizes (182 x 139.7 to 297 x 432mm)
Paper weight A4, A5: 50 to 216 g/m² (Single-sided /double-sided)
A3, A4R: 50 to 216 g/m² (Single-sided), 50 to 200 g/m² (Double-sided)
Max. Number of originals 100 sheets (80 g/m²)
Document Scanning Speed (max.) Simplex: 20 ipm
Duplex: 15 ipm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 646 x 570 x 143mm
Weight 22kg


Paper Deck Unit Name: POD Deck-A1 / Secondary POD Deck-A1
Paper Size A4, A4R, A3, SRA3 (320x450mm), 13″x19″(330.2×482.6mm)
Free size 182x182mm to 330.2×487.7mm
Paper Weight 60 to 325 g/m2
Paper Type Thin, Plain, Heavy, Recycled, Colour, Pre-punched, Bond Paper, Labels,
Transparency, Tab Paper, Coated, Texture Paper, Vellum
Paper Capacity 4,000 sheets (80 g/m2): 1,000 sheet x 2 drawer, 2,000 sheet x 1 drawer
Double feeding detection and Escape tray Yes (primary POD deck)
Dimensions (WxDxH) POD Deck-A1 982 mm x 792 mm x 1,095mm
POD Deck-A1 + Secondary POD Deck-A1 1,793 mm x 792 mm x 1,095mm
Weight POD Deck-A1: Approx.250Kg
POD Deck-A1 + Secondary POD Deck-A1: Approx.480Kg
Power POD Deck-A1: 240V, 6A
Secondary POD Deck-A1: 240V, 2.8A
Paper Deck Unit Name: Paper Deck-AC1
Paper Size A4, A4R, A3, SRA3 (320x450mm), 13″x19″(330.2×482.6mm)
Paper Weight 64 to 300 g/m2
Paper Type Thin, Plain, Heavy, Recycled, Color, Pre-punched, Bond Paper,
Transparency, Labels, Coated, Texture Paper, Vellum
Paper Capacity 3,500 sheets (80 g/m2)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 601 x 621 x 570 mm
Weight Approx.51 kg
Paper Deck Unit Name: Stack Bypass-A1
Paper Size A5R, A4, A4R, A3, SRA3 (320x450mm), 13″x19″(330.2×482.6mm)
Free size 139.7x182mm to 330.2×487.7mm
Paper Weight 64 to 256 g/m2
Paper Type Thin, Plain, Heavy, Recycled, Color, Pre-punched, Bond Paper,
Transparency, Labels, Tab Paper, Coated, Texture Paper, Vellum
Paper Capacity 100 sheets (80 g/m2)


Finisher Name: High Capacity Stacker-C1 (Up to 2 stacker can connect)
Paper size Stack Tray: A4, A3, SRA3, 13”x19”, Tab Paper (A4), Free size (216 x 182mm to 330.2 x 487.7mm)
Output tray: A5R, A4, A4R, A3, SRA3, 13×19”, Tab Paper (A4), Free size (139.7 x 182mm to 330.2 x 487.7mm)
Paper weight Stack Tray: 64 to 325 gsm
Output tray: 60 to 325 gsm
Stacking capacity Stack Tray: 5,000 sheets (80 g/m2)
Output tray: 1,000 sheets (80 g/m2)
Dimensions 860 x 765 x 1,240mm
Weight Approx.217kg
Power 240V, 4A
Finisher Name: Finisher-AJ1 / Saddle Finisher-AJ2
Number of trays 2 trays
Tray capacity (Non Staple) Tray A: A4/A4R/A5R 3,000 sheets, A3 1,500 sheets, SRA3/13″x19″ 1,000 sheets
Tray B: A4/A4R 2,000 sheets, A3 1,000 sheets
Tray capacity (Staple) Tray A: A3/A4/A4R 1,000 sheets/100 sets
Tray B: A4/A4R 2,000 sheets/100 sets, A3 1,000 sheets/ 100 sets
Staple position Corner, Double, Booklet Stitch (Saddle Finisher-AJ2 only)
Staple capacity (80gsm) A4: 100 sheets, A3/A4R: 50 sheets
Booklet stitch paper size A3, A4R,SRA3, 13″x19″
Free size 210×279.4mm to 330.2×487.7mm
Booklet stitch paper weight Inner pages: 60 to 220 g/m²
Cover: 64 to 300 g/m²
Booklet stitch staple capacity 2-25 sheets (80gm2)
Booklet stitch stacking capacity 30 sets (80gsm/ 5 sheet)
Dimensions Saddle Finisher-AJ2: 800x792x1180mm
Weight Saddle Finisher-AJ2: Approx.180kg
Finisher-AJ1: Approx.126kg
Power 240V, 8A
Finisher Name: Punch Unit-BC1/BD1 (requires either the Saddle Finisher -AJ2 or Finisher-AJ1)
Inner In-line Punch Unit BC1: 2 holes and 4 holes (FRN) selectable
Punch Type BD1: 4 holes (Swe)
Acceptable Punch Paper Weight 60-200gsm
Acceptable Punch Paper Size 2 holes: A3, A4 4 holes: A3, A4
Punch hole diameter 6.5mm
Finisher Name: Document Insertion Unit-C1
Number of trays 2 trays
Paper Size Upper Tray: A4, A4R, Free size (182×182mm to 297×330.2mm)
Lower Tray: A4, A4R, A3, SRA3, 13″×19″, Free size (182×182mm to 330.2×487.7mm)
Paper Weight 60 to 300 g/m2
Paper Capacity 200 sheets x 2 tray (80 g/m2)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 625×667×213 mm
Weight Approx.17kg
Finisher Name: Booklet Trimmer-D1 (requires Saddle Finisher-AJ2)
One Edge Trimming (Fore-edge)
Trim Width 2-20mm
Trim Thickness Up to 50 sheets (includes Cover)
Tray capacity 30 sets (80gsm/ 5 sheet)
Acceptable Paper Weight 60 to 300g/m2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1575 x 770 x 1040mm
Weight Approx 152kg
Finisher Name: Two-Knife Booklet Trimmer-A1 (requires Booklet Trimmer)
Top and Bottom Edge trim
Trim Width 2-15mm
Trim Thickness Up to 50 sheets (includes Cover)
Tray capacity 30 sets (80gsm/ 5 sheet)
Acceptable Paper Weight 60 to 300g/m2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 536 x 770 x 1040mm
Weight approx Approx. 145kg
Power 240V, 2.3A
Finisher Name: Perfect Binder-B1 (requires Document Insertion Unit-C1)
Booklet size Width: 203 to 297mm, Length: 138 to 216mm
Booklet thickness Up to 25mm
Cutting range Top/bottom: 13 to 79mm, foredge: 6.5 to 49.5mm
Body pages Number of Sheets: 10 to 200 sheets (80g/m2)
Sizes: A4, SRA4, Free size (Width: 257 to 320mm, Length: 182 to 228.6mm)
Paper weight: 60 to 163g/m2*
*106 to 163g/m2: up to 10 sheets as inserted paper
Cover Number of Sheets: 1 sheet
Sizes: A3, SRA3, Free size (Width: 257 to 330.2mm, Length: 364.0 to 487.7mm)
Paper weight: 91 to 300g/m2 
Tray capacity Approx.127mm or total approx.1,000 sheets of paper as a total
Dimensions 922x791x1360mm
Weight Approx.316kg
Power 240V, 2.6A
Finisher Name: Professional Puncher-B1
External In-line Punch Unit
Acceptable Punch Paper Weight 75-216g/m2 (Plain paper), Pro Click:75-176g/m2 (Plain paper)
Acceptable Punch Paper Size A4
Punch Tools Plastic Comb 21-Hole
Twin Loop 23-Hole(Round)
Twin Loop 34-Hole(Round)
Color Coil 47-Hole
Velo Bind 12-Hole
Loose Leaf 4-Hole Punch
Loose Leaf 2-Hole Punch
Loose Leaf 4-Hole(Swedish)
Pro Click 34-Hole
Dimension 305×792×1040 mm
Weight Approx.80kg
Finisher Name: Professional Puncher Integration Unit-A1
Mandatory forProfessional Puncher-B1
Dimension 250×792×1040 mm
Weight Approx Approx.40kg
Power 240V, 3.1A